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  • Our COVID19 Policy - Given the current pandemic of COVID19. We are all going to go through a tough few years in the Tourism Industry.  We know you still want to enjoy our award winning, advanced eco tourism certified, tours and we want to keep operating, but we have an obligation to keep everyone safe and sound. So, we’ve … Continue reading Our COVID19 Policy
  • Threatened Species Day - Saturday 7th September was Threatened Species Day. We attended a special field day at Koala Gardens at Tuckurimba. The 7th September marks the date the last Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacinus cynocephalus), died in captivity in 1933. Unfortunately we have about 1000 species (plants and animals) that are currently on the threatened species list including the iconic koala.
  • Local Eco Tourism Champions - Local Eco Tourism Champions There’s green-gold in Byron shire. Local eco-tourism businesses, Byron Bay Eco Cruise & Kayaks and Vision Walks – Eco Tours, have enhanced their green credentials in the regional tourism awards hosted at South West Rocks on Thursday 1 August. Awards Byron Bay Eco Cruise and Kayaks were inducted into the hall … Continue reading Local Eco Tourism Champions
  • Top 31 Australian Eco-Tours of 2018 - By Rachel Gross | April 9, 2018   Eco tours show off the best the world has to offer though adventure and education…   Today, you holiday goers want more than cocktails on the beach. You want to dive into local heritage, explore the regions natural beauty, and truly experience what a places has to … Continue reading Top 31 Australian Eco-Tours of 2018
  • World’s First Solar Train - Blog Author: Eco Experiences G’day Nature lovers, Did you know that I’m no only a nature nerd, but I’m also a bit of a train nerd, not a train spotter, mind, just a train nerd (probably the same distinction between my love of birds and not being a fully fledged bird watcher) . So imagine … Continue reading World’s First Solar Train
  • Bird Week 23-29 Oct - Originally posted on 100% Nature Nerd:
    G’day nature lovers, Scaly Breasted Lorikeet I love birds, I’m not sure I’m a fully-fledged bird nerd yet, but I think I’m well on my way. 23-29 October 2017 is Bird Week; there will be lots of activities for bird lovers of all ages, abilities and interest. Here are some…
  • Kayaking on the Brunswick River - Originally posted on 100% Nature Nerd:
    Kayaking in Minjungbul Creek G’day nature lovers, I love kayaking.  I’m not that great at it, but I love being immersed in nature and kayaking does that in a wonderful way. So it’s lucky, I suppose that I live 100m from the beautiful Brunswick River (15km north of Byron Bay).…
  • Byron Hinterland Quiz - How well do you know the Byron hinterland?
  • Top 10 nature activities for kids in Byron - Blog Author: Eco Experiences G’day nature lovers, Are looking to get your kids off their screens and into nature these school holidays? Here are my top 10 nature-based activities for kids around Byron Shire these school holidays.  They are in no particular order, some cost money some are free, but they all give your kids … Continue reading Top 10 nature activities for kids in Byron
  • The Crystal Castle -Reflecting Magic - Blog Author: Eco Experiences G’day nature lovers, As a local guide I see plenty of stressed out city slickers, who come to Byron Bay needing to take some time out , de-stress and unwind.  One of the best places to go, isn’t in Byron, its in the hinterland and its called the Crystal Castle.