Platypus, Wildlife and Night Vision Package

Platypus, Wildlife and Night Vision Package

Platypus, Wildlife and Night Vision Package

Join us at dawn, daytime and night time to see a vast array of Australian wildlife. See both platypus at dawn, then have some breakfast before seeing, koalas, kanagroos, wallabies, flying fox and birds in their natural habitat. Then return at night with Night Vision Goggles to see the nocturnal animals Please note these don’t have to be done on the same day.

Dawn: Platypus Walk

On this tour we go for a walk along a creek where the playful platypus live. Platypus can been seen at anytime of the day, but our best chance is just after dawn. We pick you up from your Byron Bay accommodation, drive to the special Platypus area, and start our 1.5 hour (easy) walk. On our walk we will along the platypus creek looking for platypus, we usually see 1-2 platypus, plus loads of birds and sometimes even koala. After our walk we will have a nice picnic breakfast then return to Byron Bay. We can’t guarantee platypus sightings on this tour, but if we don’t see one, you are welcome to come on the tour on another day for free.

  • Tour Days Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. Other days can be arranged
  • Duration: 5:30-9:30 am

Day: Wildlife Tour

Join us on a tour to discover the amazing wildlife of the Northern Rivers of NSW near Byron Bay. On this tour you will observe mammals, birds and reptiles. We guarantee that you will see koalas, kangaroos, flying foxes and wallabies. We will also look for echidna and birds; egret, willie wagtail, pied cormorant, black cormorant, kookaburra, sulphur crested cockatoo, yellow tailed black cockatoo, corella, crimson rosella, eastern rosella, firetail finch, pheasant coucal, brown cuckoo dove and fairy wren.

  • Tour Days Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. Other days can be arranged
  • Duration:9:30-16:00

Night: Night Vision Walk

Imagine exploring the Australian rainforest at night, searching for nocturnal wildlife without disturbing them with a torch? Arguably one of the best uses for military technology found to date. Use Night Vision Goggles to observe Australia’s nocturnal animals in their natural habitat, see a constellation of glow worms and after your walk enjoy a hot chocolate at the top of Minyon Falls gazing up at the starry night. Heaven! We usually see 5-15 animals, typically Possum, Pademelon, Bandicoot, Tawny Frogmouth and Frogs. Occasionally we see Koala and Owl. We get more animal sightings when there is less moonlight. Not recommended for people with epilepsy.

  • Tour Days Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Duration:20:00-23:30


  • Pick up and transfers from your accommodation
  • Experienced guide
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Entry Fees

Who can go?

Anyone over 10 years old
Minimum of 2 people – Maximum of 6


You will be picked up from your accommodation in Byron Bay and return you to your pick-up point. There is a surcharge for other pickups.

How much?

  • $458pp twin share

Book Online or call +61405275743